Message From the Desk of Secretary

The school society is trying its level best to provide quality education to the mass of this area , providing with the best possible facilities & resources such as-smart classes, audio-video aids, well furnished library & well –qualified teachers.

Let us strive hard to make it a centre of excellence as our motto is quality education & appeal/inspire principal, students & all staff to work hard for excellence of quality.

With best wishes

Harshavardhan Sharma

Message From the Desk of President

Aum Namo Hrishikashaya

The School , situated in the sacred premises of Lord Hrishikesh Narayana Bhagwan, Provides exposure to the growing children to develop ,learn and play in the spiritual atmosphere to inculcate vedic, cultural moral values for the harmonious development of personality.

We pray Shri Hrishikesh Bhagwan to bless all with bright, healthy & successful career in life.

With blessing & good wishes.

Mahant Vatsal Prapanaa Sharma  

Message From the Desk of Principal

Our vision & mission is to educate, empower & enlighten.

Academic excellence alongwith extra & co-curricular activities should be the hallmark of the Shri Bharat Mandir Public School.

This is the holy place where the history of modern education in this town/area begins. The place being hallowed by the spiritual vibrations of Holy Shrine Shri Bharat Mandir, inculcates the spiritual/moral values among the children.

In 1943 the SBM School Society set up a small Junior School here which is now shifted to Haridwar Road as a reputed SBM Intermediate College.

Now with the initiative of our enthusiastic, dynamic Secretary Shri Harsh Vardhan Sharma, this English Medium Public School came into existence with expectation of making it a centre of academic excellence.

However we face the challenges of educating the first generation learners, coming from the marginalized Society, we are striving hard to provide best facilities such as smart classes, dedicated qualified staff etc developing the talents, so as to earn reputation as an ideal centre of education in future. The society is well known as a reputed organization in the field of education.

With the cooperation & support of our associates/management, we look forward for developing this Institution as centre of excellence.

Having completed 75 years of its existence, the society is celebrating Diamond Jubilee this year.

Dhirendra Joshi