SBM Society

Education in the real sense, is an evolution of self, which leads to perfection .Hence ,the school must provide an atmosphere for the development of the talents and potentialities of the child.

Nearly 62 years ago, with a view to impart education to the people of Uttarakhand, Late Mahant Parsu Ram Ji Maharaj founded Shri Bharat Mandir School Society ( Regd.) and opened a middle school in 1944, which was upgraded to Intermediate college later-on. Shri Bharat Mandir Sanskrit Mhavidhyalaya was another contribution of Shri Bharat Mandir Parivar. Moreover in 1933 “Jyoti”, a special school for training & education of mentally retarded children was started .A Nursery Teachers Training Institute is also working under the same society from 2005.

The society has started a Co-educational English Medium Secular School on CBSE Pattern in 1997, which is now upgraded to senior secondary school, aims at imparting quality education and forging the youth into formidable force to rise to the challenges of nation building. The Bharat Mandir School Society having unquestionable reputation in providing “Value based quality education” is bearing fruit in the form of SBMPS, Rishikesh.

Shri Bharat Mandir School Society ,Rishikesh

SI. No. Name Designation Occupation Address
1 H.H Mahant Shri Ashoka Prapannacharya Ji President Mahant Shri Bharat Mandir,Rishikesh
2 Shri Deep Chand Jain Vice-President Business Vidhya Deep Sadan,Dehradun Marg.Rishikesh
3 Shri Harshvardhan Sharma Secretary Agriculture Shri Bharat Mandir ,Rishikesh
4 Shri Virendra Kumar Agarwal Member Business DM/s. Bhagwan Das-Mathura Das,Kshetra Road Rishikesh
5 Shri Sudhir Kukreti Member Business Rishi Moulds,Dhalwala,Rishikesh
6 Shri Sameer Kumar Member Business M/s.Baburam-Sameer Kumar,Pushkar Mandir Road,Rishikesh
7 Shri Madhusudan Sharma Member Advocate 52-A,Saket Colony ,Ajabpur Kalan,Dehradun Road,Rishikesh
8 Shri Harinarayanacharya Ji Member Mahant Pushkar Mandir Campus Rishikesh
9 Dr. Y.S.Bisht Member Doctor Health Directorate, Uttarakhand